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I dream of the year, I dream of the day,
that Tiffany and co. will soon come my way...
They´ll soon rather than later
will appear on my door and,
really really surprise me
with a nice "bling bling" from my lovely "amor".

Then I´ll truly be the happiest,
the happiest wife that I can be,
yelling hooray hooray!! bye bye disarray!!

And because of the "winnings" that she kindly shared...
her amazing husband, will finally say: Here is your Christmas present, my love,
that I know well you deserve.
I love you, I love you, No, I love YOU more!!

Because I don't wanna die without my engagement ring and,
have to haunt him...
Oh my! Why am I so dark, why am I so deep... ????

And because it's better late than never,
when this task is complete,
they will live happily ever after
until their very last heartbeat.

knowing that they truly share something special,
and pure everlasting love,
beyond believe and beyond this world...